A dying dog is called, a work of art!!


An artist in Costa Rica exhibited an a starving dog as a work of art. It was in a major art exhibit. The dog of course did die. Below are links to the photos and exhibit (in Spanish) and a link to the artists' myspace.com page. I urge you to check them out – I did. I only wish I could starve this guy to death and call it "art".


The artists myspace page

This post is edited to add the following:

I am getting comments from people that think this is some sick way to promote this man's "art". This could not be further from the truth. I am appalled and sickened by this. I have posted the links above hoping that animal lovers will hound the hell out of that sicko. But to my amazement only 1 person has bothered to click on them – according to my blog stats. Where are my loyal animal loving readers?

April 7. 2008 UPDATE

: It looks like this scum bag's myspace page is no more. My guess is that the people at myspace got wind of the commotion his work of "art" caused and wanted no part of it.

The "artist" has been invited to come back for this years' exhibit. There is an online boycott to ban him from the exhibit this year. To find out more and sign the petition go here. So far there are over 12K signatures on the petition. This guy sure did stir up some hate for himself.

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