Another designer dog breed, the Chi-Chon


While I am generally against making cross breeds since the great majority of them end up in rescues or the local animal shelter, there are some that I have fallen in love with because I have had the great pleasure of owning one. One of my favorites was an Italian Greyhound/Pomeranian mix. His name was Duke and he was an outstanding little 6 pound dog that would follow you anywhere. I am now the proud owner of a Chi-Chon.

The Chi-Chon is a mix of Chihuahua and Bichon Frise. Because it is a mix, I have to look up breed characteristics from both breeds as well as possible coat development. The Chi-Chon promises to be a fluffy small dog under 10 pounds when fully grown. The amount of fur depends on what the parents looked like. Some owners report that the fur starts out short and can take a full year or 2 to fully develop into a ball of fluff.

From the photos I have seen online I can tell you that the coat can be curly or straight but it is a double coat. There are many examples of Chi-Chons on YouTube. Here is a video of a 6 week old Chi-Chon that looks identical to mine.

Color is another mystery, as all Bichon Frise are white and Chihuahuas come in an assortment of colors. The litter that my little one came from was a cream and a chocolate. I have the cream colored one like in the video above. The dark chocolate (sable brown) one was cute too but was not interested in me as I held her and the cream one just loved me to death, so she chose me, not the other way around.

fluffy puppy

I get to see how my little one develops. So far she has gotten a little taller and the fur seems to be getting thicker and longer.


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