Bad habits in dogs

We have 3 dogs and every one of them has a different "vice". Sparky like to bark up a storm when ever he hears the other dogs bark or even hear a truck go by on the road 3 properties away. He thinks he is the one in command of protecting the home front. Katie likes to chew and will chew up anything left out or within her reach. She has wandered into out tool shed and destroyed a few handles on some tools. She also has gotten a hold of a garden hose and tore it to shreds. At one point I put out a couple of outdoor pillows for the dogs to sleep on and Katie shredded them both within 24 hours. Pillows and plastic seem to be what she likes to chew. Foxie likes to dig holes. Thank goodness we have a big property as I would never want a dog like Foxie in a small backyard. Foxie not only digs holes but he digs BIG holes. She can disappear down some of them. What I don't understand is the part when she goes into those holes she barks down into them too.

Yes our dogs have some habits. We have learned how to deal with them rather than trying to retrain the dogs. Does your dog have a interesting habit?


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