Coat care of the wrinkled dog


I have posted about wrinkled dog breeds in the past but only touched upon their skin care. The wrinkled dog is more prone to skin ailments because of dirt that may accumulate between the skin fold and fester.

Daily wiping with a mild baby wipe between the folds that may pose a problem will help head off future skin irritations. Taking care to do a through exam of the dog’s overall condition at that time will alert you to any problems. Another care tip for wrinkles is to keep the skin clean with weekly or monthly baths. Some dog owners bathe each week because they either show or do field work. Make sure you follow up with an excellent dog skin conditioner. It is the conditioner that will neutralize any shampoo left on the dogs skin after rinsing. The conditioner will help prevent skin irritations.

By the way I found the photo above and it looks to be photoshopped but can you imagine a dog that really looks like that?

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