Dog agility

I love watching dog agility competitions. The equipment used had often puzzled me as to where they got the stuff. Most of it I assumed was made by the people putting on the competition but I was wrong. There is a whole industry that caters to that dog sport. The manufacturers are coming out with new designs all the time. Everything from the teeter totters to those long nylon tunnels. In fact you can find those nylon tunnels online


I would really like to see if I could train our quick Australian Shepard mix to see if she could handle the course. She is very quick but I worry about her getting distracted during the competition. I know there are several clubs in our area that I could join that will help us work as a team.

If you get the chance you might be able to catch an agility dog competition on TV. The Animal Planet channel often shows them and USA channel is also start to show more animal related programming too. Also you can watch a few of them on YouTube from people putting videos from their local competitions. You can get a good idea of what you need to do to train your own dog to compete.


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