Dog toys that can ruin your dogs teeth


I know from experience how a dogs teeth can be ruined by ill informed dog owners. About 30 years ago I got a beautiful Chow Chow puppy. He had champion bloodlines and my goal was to show him when he got older. At the time I was just getting married and my husband-to-be was living at our new home while I was moving from where I lived. The puppy got moved to our new home before I did and my husband to be was puppy sitting.

During my absence my husband-to-be bought a doggy toy on sale. Instead of buying a chew toy that my puppy could play with on his own he bought one of those rubber dog toys that has a handle on one end and a section that the puppy would grip at the other. He would play tug of war with my show puppy! This went for weeks and then one day I showed up.

I just about came unglued when I saw him playing with my pup and proudly showing me that my pup would grip the chew toy while he lifted him off of the ground by it. When I scolded him for playing with my puppy that way, he had no clue………no clue that he was ruining my puppies teeth. He apologized but it was too late, my puppy’s adult teeth had started to come in and they were crooked. Dogs cannot be shown with crooked teeth. My dreams of showing my dog were dashed.

Don’t ever play tug of war with your dog, it will ruin their teeth.

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