Dressing up your dog has gone too far

I am OK with Halloween costumes for dogs. It is only a one day affair and I don't think that many dogs would mind putting up with human fantasy for a few hours. I am even OK with letting the child play dress up with the dog as long as the child is gentle and not putting on items that can strangle the dog. Those are all things that are done in fun and are usually a passing fad.

Now we come to another aspect of dressing up the family dog. It is when the dog is treated as the owners human child. Some may disagree with me on this but a dog is still a dog. Below is a photo of pajamas for dogs. I am wondering if there really is a market for these on sale or is it just another fad?


I can only imagine the dog developing skin problems from wearing those pj's every night. Since they would only be worn by indoor dogs, what advantage would they give to the dog?  Now if the pj's were treated like a once an awhile dress up costume then they could be fun. If the dog's owner were a child in the family and having a slumber party then the dog could put up with the pj's for one night.

I wonder if the pj's are anti-chew?


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