Furniture for dogs

What do you have for your dog to sleep on? Is it an elaborate dog bed that can be mistaken for human furniture?


Or is the dog bed something that you would use as well?

I am sure that my kids would want the dog bed above just to relax in themselves. It sure does look comfortable.

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I think that most dog owners either have no particular bed for the dog and the dog either lays on the carpet to sleep or is allowed on the couch or their owner’s bed.

My little Miniature Pincher has a dog bed that he never uses. He was always laying next to our sliding glass door in an old cardboard box that was destined to be thrown out. I tried to put his dog bed in that spot but he would have nothing to do with it and looked for the cardboard box. I finally gave in and put a cushion and an old bed quilt in the box and he loves it.


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