Make your own dog treats


With the recent rise in dog food recalls over the past year, it is no wonder that many people have turned to preparing their own dog food for their dogs. This last fiasco with the peanut butter scare also included doggy treats. Many dog treats were recalled. I have noticed that many local stores also have items listed on sale that have peanuts in them. Now I am not saying that those items are part of the recall but as a consumer I am not buying any food item with peanuts as an ingredient right now. Because of those events I came across a great book for those who would like to make their own doggy treats. The book is called The Ultimate Dog Treat Cookbook: Homemade Goodies for Man's Best Friend

Lets hope that the food recalls become something of the past, but unfortunately I don't see that happening for some time to come. At first we could blame China's greed but now the greed has shifted to our own shores. As long as the wrong people have a say in our food chain our food supply will always be at risk.

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