My overweight Min Pin

Sparky, my Miniature Pincher is losing weight but not as much as I had wanted him to. I found out where he was getting his extra munches – the neighbor’s house. I think he has found out where they leave the food out for their dog and he goes over there after dark. No, we don’t have fences to keep the dogs in – no one does here, we live waaayout in the country. If you own a little dog like mine they stay in at night, otherwise they become a snack for the coyotes. One neighbor has hunting dogs and one of them, Annie, use to visit our dogs when she was a pup. Now that she is older she is sticking closer to home. Our other neighbor has a Pomeranian and she keeps a close eye on on that one. They live much closer to the road than we do since we are about 1/4 mile away from them down a private road and our driveway is an extra 1/2 mile long past that point.

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