Mystery pain solved

My little Min Pin had a mystery pain that would come and go over a period of several weeks. He would walk hunched over at times for about an hour and then be OK. I knew the pain had to be muscle related but where was he hurting and how did he get injured?

After several weeks I finally discovered the cause…………it was his dog collar, or to be more precise him jerking on his collar when he was tied up. You see our neighbor is putting up a new fence and is taking forever to get it finished so we had been tying up my little guy outside under a huge shade tree for about 20 minutes a few times a day. What we didn't find out until a few days ago is that he was lunging at the end of his tie out to get to a bird that liked to visit the part of the lawn, just beyond his reach. Each time he did that he would injure his neck.

Then I had to go and look for another alternate dog collar. So my quest began for dog collars. I looked at every type of padded collars and even the rolled leather dog collars. What I ended up buying was a padded dog harness that was designed for dogs to be worn in cars. Unlike the normal dog harness which is nothing more than an added strap that goes around the ribs attached to a dog collar, this harness has a padded breast plate that the straps are attached to. There is no pressure on his neck.

Now I can't wait until the neighbor finishes putting up the fence. I think it will take another month because of the heat wave we are in right now. He has the posts in but he needs to run the wire fence for the entire 500 feet yet.


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