Planning a vacation with your dog


When you first think of going on vacation and taking along your dog, camping comes to mind. Unless you have your own RV many places are off limits to dogs. Sure there are many hotels that welcome dogs but how about where to take your dog that is not just to sleep and eat? If you are thinking about disney world vacations, they are off limits too, they don't allow dogs in the theme parks unless they are certified service dogs. They do have kennels that you can house your beloved dog in while you are having a good time but that is not exactly what most dog owners have in mind when they want to take their dog on vacation with them.

That pretty much limits you to outdoor activities that you create yourself. Hiking, beach combing, and just general exploring in areas that do not prohibit dogs is about all there is. There is a definite lack of activities that involve dogs on vacation with their owners.


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