What is a pomsky dog?


Well it is another week and another made up dog breed name has hit the internet with a vengeance. This time I had to look it up because quite frankly I could not figure it out. Sure the first part of the name screams Pomeranian, but where did the sky come from?

The answer then dawned on me, husky. Yes the Pomsky is a cross between a Pomeranian and a husky. While that sounds cute and they even look cute, think about that cross. A Pom is noted for thinking they are big dogs and can be nippy and highly protective. The husky is a high energy working breed. Mix those two and you will get a hyper active medium sized dog when full grown. Cute as a button as pups, but aren’t all dogs?

I can only suggest this type of breed mix to a person or family that is very active and takes their dog out for lots and lots of exercise each day or has acreage for the dog to roam on.

My family has a husky mix. She has endless amounts of energy but we have several acres for her to run. We got her at the local animal shelter when she was 6 months old. The family that surrendered her said she had too much energy for them to handle.




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