Professional dog handlers

You have watched those big dog shows on TV, haven't you? Did you think that the dog's owner was the one at the end of the leash? Most of the time they are not. The owners hire dog handlers for the event or even the season. Those handlers travel the country with several dogs, going from dog show to dog show. They are often the dog's groomer as well.

Traveling as much as they do they don't stay in hotels but have specially equipped RVs. I knew one handler that didn't see much of his house but spent most of his time on the road each year. He handled some very valuable dogs and had to make sure that he was covered financially if anything should happen to them while they were under his care. Besides the regular liability and care and custody insurance he had to have insurance that covered the dogs while they were in his RV. He found that many insurance companies would not cover them since he did not own them. 

I love dogs, and at one point would have loved to travel as a professional handler, but I don't think I could do it year after year. Hats off to those who do.


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