Puppy love

Who doesn't love a puppy? They are so cute and do the funniest of things when they are young. Getting a new puppy is great until you realize that they need to be potty trained, taught not to howl at night or chew everything in sight. I remember when we first got Katie. She was so cute and only 7 weeks old. Everything started out great, we even thought we had the potty training down pat. When we thought we had her potty trained she fooled us and started to squat and pee all over the place. When she started to take things out of my daughter's bedroom and destroy them she became an outside dog to keep our Lab company. That seemed to suit Katie better than being an indoor dog. She thinks of Trixie as her "mom" and she has put herself in charge of watching over the horses.

My brother and sister-in-law went through the new puppy syndrome a few years back with their Golden Retriever puppies, they bought 2 of them. They tried to pen train them instead of crate training them, it didn't work.. They live in the suburbs so the backyard is limited, so they complained that it was because of their small backyard that they had trouble with potty training them. Excuses, excuses. 


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