So much for an early spring

We have a late winter snow storm traveling through right now. As I look out the window, I am watching several birds looking around for food and all there is, is several inches of snow on the ground. I think that they migrated north much too early. I will be leaving the horses in the barn today. I will venture out later and give them a small flake of grass hay for a mid day snack. The weather report says to expect heavy snow showers today until 10pm tonight. Needless to say, I am not doing any travel on the roads.

So far we have almost 4 inches on the ground and it is still snowing.  As long as the DSL stays live and the house stays warm, I am set for the day. I might do some shopping on ebay for Advantage spot on flea control since the warm weather is just around the corner and it is cheaper on eBay. I usually buy the “kit” that has a vial of Advantage and an applicator. I can get 3 doses (3 months worth) for my little dog for about $16 on eBay.


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