Something every dog home should have


I live out in rural America. Along with the beautiful scenery and fresh mountain air we have mud, year round. You see we have a creek at the back of our property that our dogs just love to play in. In the summer there is less mud and more wet dog but none the less something that the inside of the house could do without.

I have a towel hanging inside hanging by the back door that is used to wipe paws and legs off. What I would really like is a sink in my makeshift mudroom to bathe the dog in should he decide on a mud bath.

What every home should have should they have a dog is a place to give the dog a bath rather than the family bathtub, shower or kitchen sink. All of them put people in uncomfortable positions and it is harder to handle the dog that way. The more uncomfortable a person is while doing a chore the less likely they are to do it.


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