The Famous Iditarod Dogsledding Race

The Iditarod is fast becoming known as a race that neglects the dogs running it. This year Ramy Brooks was disqualified for hitting his dogs after they refused to run the last 90 miles of the 1100 mile race. He hit each of his 10 dogs after 2 of them lay down on an ice field and refused to run anymore. One of those dogs, a 3 year old, died the next day. They were conducting tests to find out if the death and the refusing to run is connected. In my opinion if an animal refuses to comply with a human that normally they would then there is defiantly something wrong – health wise. Any human that competes with their animals usually puts the animal's welfare first but there are always exceptions to that, just look at the horse racing industry.

Two other dogs also died during competition during this year's race and there are still dog teams coming in as this is being written.

The Iditarod, once famous, now becoming infamous.


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