The Great Dane breeder that lives in a dump

I can hold my tongue no more about the local Great Dane breeder who’s home looks like a dump and claims to be a top notch breeder. I drive past this place at least 3 times a week on my way to the local Walmart. There is a sign that says “Mt. Olympus Danes”

There is a long driveway up the hill from the sign and at the top of the hill is several unpainted lean-tos, an old single wide mobile home and what looks to be some ramshackle out buildings that might be where the Danes are kept. On their website (now missing in action) they state they have 6 KIDS as well as Great Danes. To be blunt the place is a dump with a backyard breeder that could be on the verge of a puppy mill, but I’ll hold my judgment on the puppy mill part. If you take a look at their website and look at the pictures of their breeding stock you will notice that some of the females are dead ugly for Great Danes. (website gone but you can see them at their new sales page here) These are dogs that should not be breeding at all. All of their dogs are on the thin side with not much muscle tone at all. You can also see the thin wire fence they use in the background. Yes I am picking this place apart because I am fed up with people breeding animals for a buck. Interested in more about them? They have a Facebook page, see it here 

The true dog breeders do not breed for money they breed dogs to improve the breed. There is no money in breeding dogs (I know that first hand because I used to show and breed Chow Chows about 20 years ago). I never bred a litter of puppies unless I got deposits for them before they were even conceived. The Mt. Olympus place is breeding then selling to unknowing dog owners. Shame on them. After doing a further search on their own website I found out that Pandora, one of their females produced a litter when she was barely a year old! Pandora was born in March 2007 and there are pictures on the website showing her 10 month old puppies! I have no idea when the picture was taken nor when it was posted so Pandora could have conceived on her first heat at 6 months old. Again, shame on them.

Edited to add:

Mount Olympus Danes is no longer a registered business in the state of Oregon. They let their business license lapse in 2009 – here is a link to that. Incidentally, if the state of Oregon gets wind of them still selling dogs without a business license they will get into some heavy fines. 

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