The weighing in of our pets


It is no secret that the USA is becoming to be known as the world of fat people. The latest statics show that close to 50% of the population is overweight with a growing portion becoming obese. It is also apparent that our beloved dogs and cats are following in our footsteps. That alarming fact hit home when I was driving past my vets office a few days ago and the sign outside said "diet pills for dogs now available." That was something that I never thought would come to pass. The dog does not usually have 24 hour access to food and if they do it is dry dog food that the dog has learned to self regulate the eating of. What is happening is that the owner is going overboard on those treats, the human kind that they eat. Dogs eating cookies rather than lean meat or doggy treats that were not made to be fed more than once a day.

Of course along with those extra little treats goes no effort on the part of the owner to even exercise the dog so the dog gets fat. The dog is an animal that needs more that just the occasional walk around the block, it needs to run, trot and really move.

As a nation maybe if we took our dogs out for more than just a walk and learned to jog with them more often we would all benefit.


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