Too good to be a pet chew toy


How many times have you noticed a really cute dog chew toy on sale and thought to yourself it is much too cute to be chewed on. That was my thought when I saw the zebra chew toy pictured above. I know that one of our dogs would make the toy last for at least several months before it had to be thrown out. Another one of our dogs would have it for a whole 5 minutes before it was shredded. I simply can't imagine having to clean up the mess after she had completed her destruction of the chew toy. My daughter is a great collector of stuffed animals and after a few episodes of my min pin sneaking a stuffed animal out of her room and playing with it she now keeps her bedroom door shut. On the bright side of it, when she tires of a stuffed animal she knows who to give it to. My min pin loves stuffed animals and will sleep with them, carry it around and will treat it as his until it becomes too dirty to clean. For the most part, I think that for something for our dogs to chew on, we'll stick to dog biscuits or rawhide chews. The dog biscuits have doggy vitamins in them so I feel good about feed them to the dogs.


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