Trying to make our dog comfortable

We have one dog who will chew the heck out of her beds. Needless to say that we try not to let her sleep with anything that might get shredded. Before I found out about her chewing habit (when she was just 6 months old) I bought her an expensive memory foam mattress doggy bed. It lasted almost a week before she chewed a corner of it off. I tried a cheap fiber filled cushion type dog bed with cedar shavings also in it for aroma and flea control. That bed didn't even make it through one night. I next tried an old blanket, which fared better by lasting a few weeks before she started to drag it all over the back yard and got it so caked with mud that I finally threw it out.  I was thinking about trying stall shavings next and just filling up her dog house with them, but with my luck that would not work.

So do any of you have a suggestion about what bedding to give to a dog that likes to chew bedding? I would like to hear about them.


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