What do you do with a fat Min Pin?


No, the title is not a lead in to a joke, it is my dilemma with my little pudgy Miniature Pincher. Sparky has been overweight since he managed to pull off the counter a whole loaf of french bread and devour it in 15 minutes or less. That happened last year and he has never lost the weight. I have tried diet foods for dogs and measured out the food twice a day for him. Still no difference. He gets plenty of exercise running around on 6 acres – he likes chasing the birds to make them fly.

Well I found out a few days ago why he wasn’t losing any weight. My husband is to blame. I saw him fill the dog’s food dish with food and asked him what he was doing, he said he was feeding the dog! He told me he always feeds the dog because it looked like no one else was feeding him. I just about blew my top! The poor dog was getting double if not triple amounts of food everyday. Needless to say the husband is no longer feeding the dog.

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