Basic Ingredients found in the best brand of dog food

When I first got my dog, Bruce, it seemed everyone had a varying opinion on what the best brand of dog food for him was. Family, friends, my vet, people at the dog park, and even strangers all seemed to have an anecdote about their preferred dog food brand – but no one could tell me what the basic ingredients were for their favorite brands.

You see, even when food shopping for my family, I always check the ingredient list first to make sure I am really getting healthy, nutritious food – and staying within my budget. Even before Bruce joined our family, I knew I would be just as diligent about the ingredients that go into his dog food as I am with the food my family eats.

As a first time dog owner, I really had no idea which ingredients were used in making dog food and none of the people endorsing products didn’t seem to have a clue either! I had a general idea – chicken, beef, etc. – but I didn’t know what the standard was for dog food, or which ingredients I should be looking for on the labels.

While searching for basic ingredients in dog food, I stumbled across PetDogSupplies.Org. There I found that most dog food brands, both wet and dry, contain a mixture of meat, vegetables, and grain. Depending on the breed, size of dog, and other health factors, the percentages of each basic ingredient will vary, but these three key ingredients seem to be the cornerstones of all major dog food brands.

With this knowledge and the recommendations from other dog owners, I was able to start tobrowse selections from various dog food companies and make a choice on which was the best brand of dog food for the newest addition to our family, Bruce!


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