A video game for horse lovers to avoid

Do you love video games? And do you love horses? Do yourself a favor and don’t combine the 2. I have yet to see a really good video game that a true horseback riding person could enjoy. I really believe that most of the games were designed by people who have never been around a real horse but took the movements and action from sport clips or movies. Take for example the latest Wii game offered for sale called My Horse and Me . The cover photo looks really nice until you take a look at the screen shots.


Here is one of the screen shots showing a rider jumping. The rider is in the wrong position going over the jump.


Her butt must be firmly saddle and her upper body must not be over the horse’s neck. If a rider did try that position in real life, she/he would end up going over the horse’s head on the landing or at the very least have the horse’s neck and head come up to smack the rider in the face, which usually ends up with a bloody nose.

Now if the awful riding has not turned you off by now, here is another screen shot of the horses that appear in the game. Notice how their legs are not quite right.


I wonder when video game programmers will get it right? Then again, this game might be just one of those cheaply and quickly put together games that the manufacturer thought they might have a demand for. I can tell them that yes there is a demand but for good quality games, not this type of trash.

I also have a problem with the fact that almost every horseback riding game is geared toward girls. Yes girls love horses but so do boys. Horseback riding is actually the only organized sport in the word where men and women can compete against one another, the horse being the great equalizer.

Instead of video games for kids who love horses, go for a real riding lesson, be around a REAL horse. If you think that my comments about this game are a bit harsh you should read them from the people who bought the game here . Scroll down to the bottom of the page and see the comments from horse owners and those who bought the game for their kids who also ride real horses.

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