Half horse, half zebra

Eclipse the zorse

I came across this when I was searching for a horse photo. This is a zorse. Her name is Eclipse. Her mother was a zebra and her father a horse. Her mother was at a safari park in Germany and had to be moved. She went to a horse farm in Italy where she was placed in a field with horses. Apparently there was a stallion among them that liked the exotic zebra. The zebra was returned to the safari park where she soon popped out Eclipse. Eclipse is now one of the star attractions at the park.

I have heard of this kind of hybrid called different names. One of the more common names for the cross is a zorse. Other names are zebroid (for the father being a zebra and the mother a horse), zony (for a pony zebra cross).

The zorse is more commonly found in Africa. They are a deliberate cross because they are more immune to many of the African diseases that plague the common horse. They are used as both riding and draft animals.


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