Hoof quencher

Does your horse have brittle hooves?  Do they break off easily during hot dry summers? Have you looked for a hoof quencher? Did you try oils or yucky greases? Have you tired Hoofmaker?

Hoofmaker with a pump
Hoofmaker with a pump

Hoofmaker is made by the same people that gave us “mane n tail,” it is a hoof cream that comes in a pump bottle, at least mine does. I use it on my horses that have hoof cracking problems due to dry conditions. I apply it after I pick out their hooves. I do what most horse owners do and just put it on my hands and then slather it all over the hoof. I remember when I use to use a brush to put it on. Once I started to put it on with my hands I noticed that my own hands were no longer chapped and my own nails were getting stronger. I would not go as far as saying that the hoof quencher is a substitute for a human hand cream but it does soften hands and puts moisture back into cracked hoofs if used once a day.


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