Horse art


If I had lots of room in my home I would have curio cabinets full of horse art and horse art prints on the wall. Yes I am horse crazy. The only thing holding me back would be the looks of my family living in a horse decorated home. It is true that we had a bathroom decorated with unicorns and Pegasus years ago. It did delight me when guests would whisper to each other "you should see the bathroom".

I have compromised with the horse decorating. The living room is styled "old western", with horse bits and a draft horse work collar on the wall and cowboy prints. The dining room has pictures of our own horses on the walls and occasionally I bring out the horse decorated dinner plates. The bathroom is no longer unicorns but tropical fish and dolphins. The kitchen has no theme to it. I have a guest bedroom that has no theme to it yet.

I have to hold myself back when I see something on sale that has a horse theme to it. I have to ask myself where would I put it and do I really need to dust it? Yes it is nice to have horse artwork around but I have to think more along the lines of dusting and showing off the piece where it would be appreciated by me and not tucked into a corner somewhere.


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