Horse ownership and saving money


It doesn’t have to be a tight economy for us horse owners to want to save money. Just because we are fortunate enough to have horses in our lives does not mean we are wealthy (although some people erroneously think we are). Saving money to me is not just a once in a while $5 or $10 coupon off of a bag of horse feed, it means finding ways to save money each and every day. While I am far from being a cheapskate with my horse’s feed I have found cheaper ways to feed them all the nutrients they need.

The number one way I save on feed is to not buy horse supplements. They are overpriced vitamins that can be found in bagged horse feeds at a lower cost. I have found that the best multivitamin for my horses is to buy one bag of high quality horse feed and give each horse a 1/2 of cup of it each day as a supplement along with their regular hay. When you figure that a 50# bag of feed costs around $15-$20 and will last 6 horses about 20 days compared to a horse supplement that costs $25 and lasts one horse 30 days – the savings are apparent.

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