Horse professionals watch out

On several of the horse message boards that I frequent, a new, as yet not developed, website was being discussed. The domain is  At first glance it looks like many of the dozen or so websites that have popped up over the years to let people rant over the bad and good horse trainers, sellers and breeders. I thought that both the Fugly Blog (I’d put the link to the site but the site keeps going down lately) and Horse Trainers from Hell had the horse industry pretty well covered when it came to the scum of the horse industry but I could be wrong.

I did a bit of digging around about this new website and found out on the COTH message board that a Debbie Hanson has the website in her signature. A bit more digging around and I found this article about Debbie (if indeed it is the same Debbie Hanson on the COTH board). The article is about a woman who got taken by 2 horse dealers that ripped her off for about $28K. She ended up getting the FBI involved and now there is legislation in the works to help expose horse dealers. If indeed this new website is this Debbie’s idea, all I can say is more power to her. I just wonder how the website will be done and how if any checking will be done on the contributors. I would like to see more of a clearing house of criminal records online so you can see who you are dealing with in any venue without having to pay for the information.

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