Horse registries require DNA testing to register your horse

If you are new to the world of horses and are thinking about acquiring a registered horse, you should be aware that many of the horse registries require DNA testing. The testing is done by the horse registry and not an independent lab that you contact. The process is very simple. At the time you send in your registration papers you also include hairs from the horse, with the hair root bulb attached. The hairs are taken from the mane. There is usually a testing fee that is required as well.

Most of the larger horse registries have been requiring DNA testing for the last 12 years or longer. The AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) and the Friesian Heritage Horse does not require all horses to be DNA tested, only those horses that are being bred. On the other hand the Arabian horse registry and the Jockey Club (thoroughbreds) require testing on all horses in the registry. You will need to check the horse registry’s website or give them a call should you have questions on how to register your horse with them.

I have no idea if the horse registries compare DNA tests when a change of ownership takes place. You would think that they do to combat fraud. Before DNA testing it was not unusual to sell a horse with the wrong registry papers.


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