I am looking forward to the Horse Expo in March


It has been some years since I last attended the annual Horse Expo at the Linn County fair grounds in Oregon but I will this year. It takes place every March and starts on a Thursday afternoon. The Expo use to end on Sunday night with a big extravaganza full of music and riding exhibitions. One year they had chariot racing with Fjords and a mini horse got out of a stretch limo as the guest of honor. Another year it was cowboy target shooting and trick riding. Their Sunday nights for the Expo had set the gold bar of excellence for horse entertainment, at least in this area.

For the last few years those extravaganza nights were changed to the Thursday night opening. That ruined it for me since I usually took my daughter and both her and I had to go to school and work the next day. Thursday nights were out for us. Now I wonder how many other horse lovers can't attend that special entertainment due to the schedule change? I have yet to check the schedule for the Horse Expo so maybe they have changed the venue on the extravaganza night.

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