Keeping a horse calm while stall bound

If you have ever had an injured horse that needed to be stall bound then you would know that the horse can also get a little stir crazy when let out for hand walking. I had a mare that was injured years ago and I needed to keep her calm while she had a week’s worth of stall rest. Rather than put her on a sedative, I looked into herbs and vitamins. I asked fellow horse owners if they knew of the best multivitamin for mental calmness. None of them did, until I talked to someone who trained racehorses. He told be about adding vitamin B-1 to their daily diet. It seems that horses that are undergoing stress use up B-1 at a tremendous rate and then when they are not getting enough, stress out even more.

So I got some vitamin B-1 crumbles and added it to her diet. Boy, did I see a change overnight! She was no longer stressed out. I had another horse that would always get real vocal after we got to a horse show or got ready for a trail ride (after trailering to the spot). A few hours before the ride in the trailer I gave him some vitamin B-1 and when we arrived he was calm and not vocal!

I found my miracle drug for keeping a horse calm for trailering, stressful training and rehab…….a simple vitamin….vitamin B-1.


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