Less is better when horseback riding

When I started horseback riding over 30 years ago, I started riding in a western saddle. That was fine for many years until I got tired of lifting that 40 pound saddle on to the horse's back. I also was interested in trying out English riding so I would need different saddle and tack. Tack, for those of my non-horse savvy readers, is another word for equipment. While I enjoyed riding an English saddle and even showed my mare in English equation and beginning hunter, I found out that the closeness that the English saddle gave me to my horse was what I was looking for. That lead me to my love……..bareback riding on a bareback pad.

There is nothing like the feel of the horse's movement underneath you. When you can feel the horse's balance and muscles you in effect can balance yourself better and thus I find, you can enjoy your ride better.

That is why I say "less is better" ……less tack that is.


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