My favorite animal movie

Really good movies about animals are usually few and far between. Often an animal is simply another character or a way to make a comedy by adding voices and human emotions to the animals staring in the movie. When was the last time you cried at the movies or laughed so hard that your sides hurt? Was it a movie about animals or with an animal cast member?

Movies about animals just being themselves on film are just not made very well as of late. Do you remember the movie "The Yearling"? It was about the story of a fawn that was raised up on a farm. The ending of that movie was not a good one for the deer but it was a memorable movie. "Old Yeller" was the same type of movie only with a dog as the subject of the unhappy ending.

One of my favorite horse racing movies of all time was "Phar Lap", a true life story about an Australian racehorse. The movie is not normally found on sale in most stores so you would have to look around for it or possibly rent the DVD. Coming in at a close second is Seabiscuit, starring Jeff Bridges and Spiderman's Toby Maguire. Both of those horse movies let the horse be a horse. No cutesy talking horse scenes either. Phar Lap does have a sad ending and I must admit I cried but it is a really good movie should you happen to find it.



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