Pet owners watch out – the price of feed is skyrocketing

I had to pop on over to the feed store today to pick up a bag of Allegra Senior for my 26 year old gelding. I normally pay $15.99 for a 50# bag. Today I got sticker shock, the price had gone up to $18.99 in 3 days!! When I got to the loading area of the feed store, I mentioned the price increase to the guy loading my bag into the trunk of my car. He whispered back, “if you think that is bad, they just increased the price of a 25# bag of bird seed from $12 a bag to $30 a bag.”

At that point I just had to remark, “are they blaming this on the price of gas going up?”

His reply was, “excuse or not, get ready for the ride, since they are about to take us for everything they can get.”

Don’t you just love American greed? I guess it is back to shopping around for the best price on horse feed again.


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