Riding the Horse…

Today we have a guest blogger

Guest written by our friend Jan Petersen

I love riding horses, always have, but lately it’s become a really expensive hobby to have. I moved farther out to the country which puts the drive to my stables at about 30 minutes so gas alone is eating me alive. I’ve also had a hard time keeping up with the cost of keeping my horse and finding time to ride with this new job has also become a chore. I love my baby but I may have to let him go if I can’t find a better solution. I got satelliteinternetbroadband.com at home so I could try to find a horse caregiver online that could maybe just watch him for me while I was working so much but I kind of feel like that’s unfair, too. I know he really needs one owner he can trust and if I can’t give him all the time he deserves I should just let him go. It’s hard getting so attached to an animal and wondering what it would be like to live without him!


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