The FEI World Games – vaulting

A few hours ago the Equestrian World Games ended in Kentucky. It was the first time that the USA had hosted this magnificent event. I was of course disappointed at the dismal lack of TV coverage of the 17 day event. Yes 17 days of horse events. It was the Olympic event of the horse world, held every 4 years. NBC gave us 5 whole hours of coverage spread over 2 weekends. Most of it was commercials. I was so pissed off that I found some of the events that NBC did not cover or only mentioned for 3 whole minutes and I am putting here for you to see. The video below is of the French team in the Vaulting Freestyle Team event, enjoy

You have to not only marvel at the acrobatics of the vaulting team but the handling of the horse to keep the horse moving at the same speed and tempo throughout the entire presentation.


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