The horses from the movie “Lord of the Rings”

I have always appreciated the animal trainers the people that work with the animals on the sets of the movies. I also like to find out what happened to many of those animals after filming has finished. I would hope that most of the animals went on to happy homes but occasionally some animals don’t. It was nice to see that the horses from the movies, Lord of the Rings were among those that are fortunate. The movie Lord of the Rings had a wonderful behind the scenes look at the horses involved with the movie and what happened to them after they finished filming. Below is an excerpt of that feature.

It was really nice to find out that the horses did not just go to an auction sale but instead ended up with the people who cared for them and spent almost a year with them.

Some of the most spectacular scenes from the Rings series of movies involve Shadowfax the gray horse that Gandalf rides. The training that went into the portraying of Shadowfax was truly amazing. How many of you can remember the scene where Gandalf whistles for the horse and Shadowfax makes his entrance? Andalusian horses portrayed Shadowfax in the movies.

Even though the movies rarely mentioned the names of all of the horses in the Rings series, the books not only mention them but each horses’ history. It was nice to see that the importance of the horses in the books was translated nicely to the big screen.

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