The loose royal wedding horse

If you are a certified horse nut like me then you did watch the royal wedding of Cathrine and William just to see the horses. The big story of the procession was the horse running loose. The first comments from the announcers was that a rider got thrown and that the horse got loose. THAT WAS WRONG. The horse slipped on the roadway and fell and was spooked by the crowd. Here is a photo of the incident:


After the horse fell, it stayed with the other horses until it saw its way home, the stables, and galloped through the procession until it reached the stables. Both the horse and rider are fine except for being bruised and sore. Falling on pavement is never a small accident when riding a horse.

What I don’t understand is why so many non-riding writers have swamped the internet with false stories of the rider being thrown or that the horse was being disruptive of the event. I say a picture IS worth a thousand words.


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