The Rose Bowl Parade – 2011

I watch the Rose Bowl Parade almost every year. I watch it for the horses that are in the parade. I remember one year that some stupid TV network decided to cut all the horse appearances from their show, they ran the commercials at those times. There have been several cable networks that showed the parade without commercials, they won me as a viewer.

This year the cable channel RFDTV will be broadcasting the parade with special attention to the horse groups. Tonight as I type this, I am watching the judging of those horse groups in a special program that RFDTV is broadcasting called EquestFest 2011.  I always wondered when the horse groups got judged and now I know. Each group puts on a show. So far I have seen the Wells Fargo Stage Coach, the minis from Arizona, Medieval Times and a Charo group.

I am hoping that their coverage of the parade is just as good as this shows is tonight. It starts at 7am Pacific time on RFDTV on January 1, 2012 and it is live.


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