Touring a boarding stable

You remember the post I wrote last week about the boarding stable I toured? I was talking to a friend in California about it and she asked me if they had security cameras on the property. I told her that I didn't see any and I remembered that many of the stables in CA had them. Those stables were the ones that had horses worth more than $20K and they worried about horse theft and vandalism. They also had cameras in the tackrooms since show saddles are worth a pretty penny too. It is not that the paying boarders would be doing the stealing but people coming into the property from back pastures or driving in while not seen by the owner or management – usually at night.

Because of the incidents of horse and saddle theft, websites listing those "missing" items have flourished on the internet. The one that lists stolen and missing horses is and that website has been around for at least 7 years that I can remember.


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