Trouble with traveling with horses

Horse trailer and truck being towed

The freedom of being able to trailer your horse to horse shows, trail heads and going camping with them does have one major drawback. That is what do you do if your towing vehicle breaks down or gets a flat tire? This happened to me about 8 years ago. I was coming back from a horse show and had just gotten off of the freeway to make the last leg of my journey towards my ranch. At the bottom of the freeway exit ramp my truck stalled and would not start again. I had enough momentum to get the truck and trailer off of the main roadway and onto the shoulder.

I had AAA at the time and gave them a call. The tow truck driver arrived and could not jump start or get the truck started. The driver said he could tow the truck but I would have to leave the horse trailer and horse inside it, on the shoulder of the road…………..nope that would not work for me. I contacted a neighbor who came to my rescue with his truck. My truck got towed and my neighbor took the horse trailer with my horse in it to my house. I learned that day that not all breakdown services are the same.

There are several towing companies in the USA that cater to horse owners that trailer their horses. One in US Rider. They will make sure that the horse and horse trailer are taken care of as well as your towing vehicle. The bottom line is, make sure your animals are taken care of in an emergency should you be traveling with them.


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