The economy and animals abandoned

We have heard about pets that have been abandoned inside foreclosed homes, left by their owners in hopes that who ever took the house would find them. Those people were not aware that is is often many weeks before anyone shows up to check the house out. I have heard horror stories of real estate agents that have been commissioned to sell those properties going inside homes to find dead animals in aquariums and cages. Often the dogs and cats fare better when they are left outside since they can either run away or make noises until a neighbor hears their cries. Now the problem is hitting the larger animals too. The horse industry has known about this for some time now and the newspapers and media are only just starting to pick up the word about abandoned horses being left or turned loose to fend for themselves. I did hear about one woman that went on a trail ride. She parked her truck and horse trailer in a horse trail staging area and left with her horse on a trail ride. When she returned she found 3 horses had been placed inside her trailer. It was someone’s way of dumping their horses on someone else.


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