Today we are gone to the dogs

I am feeling much better today and thought that we need a day with the dogs.

With the weather getting colder, how are your older dogs managing the cold? I have a 13 year old Lab that can barely get herself up from lying down when it gets colder. Oddly enough she does manage to run around in the cold. She is on joint medication to help her out. My little Min Pin is so fat right now I don’t think he even feels the cold. He has 2 sweaters and a raincoat but he never wears them (make note to self: don’t buy items for pets they will never use). My husband’s dog, Foxie, loves this time of year. She is part Husky and has the very thick double coat. I often think she is always warm because she loves to go and dunk herself into one of the livestock water tanks and get totally wet in the ice cold water.

Now for dog news of the weird. You remember the rich lady Leona Helmsley? When she died she left everything to her dog. It seems that someone is now suing the dog! You can read more about that here.

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