Eyesight damage

Do you ever suspect that your pet could have trouble seeing? I know that one year my dog tried to chase a firework on the ground and would see something that was not there for days after the occurrance. Even years later I have noticed that he will growl at me if he sees me at a greater distance than 150 feet. He just does not recognize me unless I am closer to him than that. I wonder if it was that incident with the firework years before or is it now age related.

Since we live on and maintain country property, we have a welder and welding supplies. These are kept and used in the shop area of the barn. When my husband welds, I make sure that all of the animals are out of the barn so that they cannot look at the arc. We both know the dangers of blindness due to welding and take precautions to protect our animals.

I do wish that people would be aware of eyesight dangers to pets and animals. It is very rare that animals with eyesight damage are treated unless they are a highly prized show animal or valuable breeding stock in a zoo. Most are undiagnosed.

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