Flea season is here


Flea season has finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest. I was wondering when it would get underway. We have had nothing but cool wet weather until the last few days when it finally warmed up. Fleas like warm weather so the eggs can hatch. Our house cat gets her monthly dose of Advantage as a regular precaution but I usually wait for flea season to arrive before treating the dogs. The dogs get Advantix, which is the same as Advantage but it is water proof. The dogs like to play in the creek that runs through our property and so I need to use something that is water proof. I try to find the stuff on sale because it can often be expensive. I don't buy it from our vet anymore since they charged an arm and a leg for it.

The one advantage of using Advantage is the fact that the fleas that land on the dog or cat will die within 24 hours. That makes the dog and cat a flea magnet that kills the fleas. That is what our vet told us when they sold us the stuff.

I tried other spot on types of flea products for dogs and cats and the only one that I found to work was the Advantix. Hartz was the worse, it didn't work at all and the other ones only worked for about a week.


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