Health insurance for your pet


If you have had your pet seen by a vet lately then you know the cost of pet health care is going up. When faced with a life threatening disease or injury of our pets we often ask how much it will cost rather than if the pet can be treated and saved. Money tends to rule the decision.

While you were at the vets office did you notice those signs for pet insurance? Yes there is insurance coverage for pets. Very often you have to ask your vet which companies he or she accepts coverage from. Not all pet insurance policies are accepted everywhere. Also not all policies and coverage are the same. Premiums vary widely and some offer annual check-ups under their plans and some do not.

If you have a pet with a longer life expectancy than 7-8 years then pet health insurance might be something to look into. If you own a horse there is health coverage available for them too but be warned that some insurance companies might not cover a surgery to save the horse’s life but opt for having the horse put down. I for one would not like nor tolerate a company dictating to me whether or not my pet will be put down or not. Of course not all horse insurance companies are like that and some of my friends have had nothing but praise for their coverage.

Health insurance for pets needs to be thoroughly investigated before you buy a policy. It all boils down to buyer be aware.

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