Keep pills out of your pets reach


After the news earlier this month about Hydroxy Cut taken off the market as unsafe by the federal government is is best to double check all of your pills to make sure they are put away after you use them. it seems that not only should we be keeping our pets safe from our supplements and medications but we might want to double check them ourselves to see what we are taking.

Looking at the ingredient list on most supplement bottles we can see that for weight loss pills caffeine would be one of the major ingredients. Caffeine is highly toxic to dogs. Some pills don't even list an ingredient that we can even understand. Take for example the diet pill Anoretix, it lists it's ingredients as brand names of chemicals. Unless you are a pharmacist, how are you going to know what each of those chemicals does?

Since the FDA does not regulate supplements, keep them locked up with your other medications away from your pets. Just because they claim it is an all natural product does not mean anything. Arsenic is also all natural and a poison.


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