Pet health costs

About 10 years ago we acquired the most lovable Jack Russell pup ever. We found her at the local animal shelter and for some odd reason she was not getting adopted – the bigger breed puppies were. We lived on a small ranch in California at the time, in a rural area. The only traffic on our road was from the neighbors passing in front of the large front yard we had. When "Sassy" (the name we gave the pup) was almost 2 years old she decided to chase one of the neighbors small cars as it passed the house. Unfortunately she caught the car and was run over. My daughter at the time was 6 years old and got my husband who quickly took the dog to a local vet.

Our regular vet was on vacation so my husband just picked another vet out of the phone book. It was a good choice because the vet turned out to be a Jack Russell breeder and was able to more expertly tell us the dogs prognosis. It turned out that Sassy had fractured the very top of her femur bone and the vet said he could fix her up to the tune of $800. When I heard the price tag I had wished that I had bought pet health insurance for her.

We managed to come up with the money and Sassy lived many more years after that. I still debate whether to buy pet insurance or not since I don't know of any sites that compare pet insurance companies in the USA. 


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